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3141, Channel Power Monitor

Item# 3141
3141, Channel Power Monitor

Compatible with 4042, 4044 Series and 4043 Series Power Sensors (Sold Separately)

The 3141, Channel Power Monitor is comprised of a 1 RU central processor and a variety of sensors, which work together to monitor all components of a radio system, including each individual radio, the combiner, the feed lines and antenna. These inexpensive sensors are placed throughout the system, with a 5% accuracy that is traceable to NIST and as reliable as you have come to expect from Bird

  • Monitor up to 16 channels simultaneously, with expansion units available to cover the largest systems
  • Measures forward, reflected and composite power as well as antenna system VSWR
  • Configurable with multiple options for sensors and meters, purchase only what you need
  • Easy remote connection using a built-in web server for setup and monitoring
  • Push-to-talk input for each radio
  • Configurable alarming for high and low level power and high antenna VSWR, utilizing hard contact and SNMP formats
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