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4421, Multifunction Power Meter

Item# 4421

4421, Multifunction RF Power Meter
Precision Power Meter for Semiconductor Processing Applications

The 4421, RF Power Meter, originally intended for general purpose laboratory applications where high accuracy is required, the 4421 has found wide acceptance in semiconductor processing applications. The product is configured as a system, consisting of the 4421 and a precision power sensor selected for the application based upon maximum power and operating frequency.

  • Accuracy: +/-1% (Accomplished through the use of sensors with an automatic frequency compensation scheme, where the error contributions due to directional coupler frequency response characteristics are eliminated)
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Instrument will meet the full accuracy specification over a 35 dB dynamic range
  • Measurement Repeatability: <0.1% ( typ)
  • Digital Display: Along with automatic VSWR calculation
  • Computer Interface: RS-232 and IEEE-488 standard

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