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4422, Multifunction Power Meter

Item# 4422
4422, Multifunction Power Meter

The 4422, RF Power Meter is a display device designed specifically to enable users to easily show all the complex information from a wide range of RF power measurements. This unit is compatible with a full range of USB enabled Bird Field Sensors and also, with the use of the 4421B540-2 Adapter, all precision semiconductor sensors, such as the 4020 and 4027 Series sensors.

The meter will automatically detect any connected sensor and will pop-up the appropriate display window. It will also connect to multiple sensors simultaneously, opening a separate window for each sensor. No calibration is ever required for this unit and the product also includes easy data logging and intuitive touch screen user interface. The 4422 Power Meter is a key component of your complete RF power measurement system.

  • Multiple Displays Functions - Digital, Analog and Strip Chart
  • Data logging capability with playback of saved log files
  • Log file in either XML and Comma Delimited formats
  • Snapshot Capabilities

True Average Power (Forward and Reflected), VSWR, Peak Power, Crest Factor, CCDF, Burst Power, Peak envelope power, and all IEEE pulse related parametric measurements.

Detailed Specifications and Product Information on BirdRF.com
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