Record and Playback Systems

Record and Playback Systems


RF Capture, Storage and Editing Solutions

Validate performance on the bench, in the chamber, or on the range with X-Com Systems RF data recorders, RF playback and signal editing and analysis software solutions. Designed to record modern waveforms, X-Com Systems products meet recording needs from HF to milimeter wavelengths in mission-critical applications.

  • RF Interference
  • Electronic Warefare
  • Surveillance
  • Spectrum Management
  • Forensics
  • Design Validation


IQC91000A, RF Record & Playback System

With its 12 bit fidelity, the IQC91000A can continuously record 90 minutes of 1000 MHz wide waveforms to ensure designers capture transient and unexpected events.

IQC5000B Series, RF Record & Playback System

The IQC5000B series is the smallest, lightest, best-performing system available fro the capture and replay of RF and microwave signals. Up to 255 MHz of record and playback bandwidth per channel, the IQC5000B can meet recording needs from HF to millimeter wavelengths in mission-critical applications.

Spectro-X, RF Signal Analysis Toolkit

Spectro-X is the essential signal extraction tool that enables users to sift through multi-terabytes of RF data recordings to quickly identify signals of interest. The fast, spectral search enables visualization and analysis, with high resolution, for system or test engineers.

RF Editor, RF Signal Editor Software Toolkit

RF Editor is a drag-and-drop graphical editing tool that easily modifies I&Q signals of any length and creates entirely new ones. Modify and build signal waveforms in the time and frequency domains, make frequency domain signal modifications and move any signal or slice of spectrum anywhere among 10 time-domain tracks in the recording.

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