SignalHawk RF Spectrum Analyzers

SignalHawk RF Spectrum Analyzers

SH-75S-AOA, SH-75S-TC, SH-60S-AOA and SH-60S-TC

SignalHawk, Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers

With the expansion of wireless communications, spectrum analyzers like the Bird SignalHawk™, are an essential part of the RF tool kit and are increasingly critical. Although traditionally stand-alone bench top test equipment, our handheld spectrum analyzers are ready for any field application.

Spectrum analyzers are designed for use in the installation and maintenance of Radio Frequency (RF) and wireless systems. They are important pieces of instrumentation to test RF circuits and systems and provide effective insight into RF performance of a system, circuit, or module. This information provides detailed measurements about the spectrum of a signal. Signals of different frequencies and complex waveforms can be displayed to determine if they are falling within the required limits within the specified frequency.

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