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APM-16, Average Reading Wattmeter

Item# APM-16


Average Reading RF Wattmeter

APM-16, RF Wattmeter is designed to keep pace with the ever growing complexity of digitally-based communication systems. Bird's model 43 and most other wattmeters available today were designed to measure power of constant amplitude, sinusoidal waveforms.

Modern wireless communication systems can use a variety of digital techniques to combine many voice data channels into a complex, composite RF signal. Measurement of such signals with a conventional wattmeter may yield unacceptable errors. The APM-16 employs active circuitry to deliver accuracy of +/- 5% for multiple-access technologies such as CDMA, TDMA, FDMA and other digitally-encoded communication systems.


  • Frequency Range: 2 MHz - 2.3 GHz
  • Power Range: 1-1000 Watts
  • Designed especially for RF Power Measurement in PCS, Cellular, ESMR, Paging and similar Communication Systems
  • Equally effective for measuring RF power in conventional analog systems
  • Uses APM-series plug-in elements to cover a wide range of frequency and power levels

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